This Wednesday the 30th of March the LCC will be holding their biggest Day of Action ever to eliminate lethal lorries. Standing at 10 points across London members of the LCC will be trying to raise awareness and get all London cyclists involved in the campaign. The aim of the day is to get thousands more signatures for their petition which is insisting on cycle training for all London council lorry drivers to help improve safety for cyclists.

  • Lorries make up only 5% of London traffic, but are involved in over half of the cyclist fatalities.

On the Day of Action, LCC staff and volunteers will be located at busy cycle routes all over central London, stopping cyclists and asking them to sign the petition.

“We need more cyclists to support us on this day, so if you are passionate about lorry safety then please help us by giving up a couple of hours of your day either on the way to work or on the way home to help collect signatures and make cyclists voice heard.”

To volunteer fill out this form


Mobile Shop at International Women’s Day

Xanthe, Emily and I had a great day at the London Cycling Campaign’s ride for International Women’s Day on Sunday. The sun was shining and we had hot chocolate and brandy from the Shortwave Cinema to keep us warm as we pedaled our mobile shop (a Christiana bike loaned from Velorution) down to Bermondsey Square.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us by purchasing items on the day. We also had the pleasure of making friends with the lovely Annabelle from mobile bicycle maintenance company Cycldelik and Katie who we have to thank for the picture above!

LCC Bike Ride for International Women’s Day

Join Cyclodelic for another of the LCC’s fun, social rides to celebrate International Women’s Day. Cyclodelic will be joining the event with a mobile shop where we’ll be happy to chat to you about all your bicycle clothing needs and be giving out stupendous discounts to any riders who would like to purchase something from us on the day! More info below, look forward to seeing you all there x


On March 7, 2010 LCC ‘Reclaim the Road’ ride to mark International Women’s Day

Now an annual event, our women’s bike ride is female-focused, but not exclusively for women, taking riders around some of London’s best routes, encompassing landmarks which have particular significance to women’s rights and empowerment. Celebrating the great diversity of female cyclists in our capital and encouraging those who don’t already cycle, this event will focus on the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women, particularly to those from backgrounds that wouldn’t ordinarily advocate such modes of transport.  With over 5,000 participants in LCC rides annually, we continually strive to boost numbers of female cyclists; it is great for women’s health, fitness, well-being, fun and freedom. We want to encourage women to give it a try and see what they can achieve!

The ride starts at the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey Square @ 2PM and  follows a route mostly South of the river incorporating existing bike routes, London parks, bridges across the Thames and a surprising array of South London places of interest.  We’ll be finishing up at the Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey Square, where there will be nibbles and entertainment.

We will be documenting the ride through video footage and a post-ride podcast.

Further details are available at the LCC website:

The Zandra Rhodes Bicycle Project

Zandra Rhodes Interview in the London Cyclist, Oct-Nov 2009

If you follow the Cyclodelic blog you’ll know that we were paid a visit by fashion royalty, Zandra Rhodes at the Cycle Show last year. What I didn’t mention was why.

Over the past couple of months we have been working with Zandra, thanks to the London Cycling Campaign, to re design her dusty Raleigh Shopper and make it as fabulous as her. It all started when Koy interviewed Zandra for the London Cyclist Magazine (see picture of article). Last week we retrieved the iconic little bicycle from Zandra’s garage and yesterday it began its journey to an extreme make – over. First stop Velorution.

Over the next few weeks Zandra’s cycle will be stripped, scrubbed, sprayed, decorated at her London studio, be given new parts, a touch of bling and then returned to Zandra phew!

The whole process is being filmed and we will keep you updated with our weekly progress. At Cyclodelic we are feeling the pressure of designing Zandra some new panniers and a custom saddle to match the bicycle. More to come…

Boris fixed at Cycle Fridays

For the past 4 weeks I’ve been leading the TFL Cycle Friday ride from Finsbury Park to Saint Pauls. Organised by the London Cycling Campaign the rides are a fun, sociable way to start your morning whether your new to cycling or experienced. Everyone that takes part gets free 3 months LCC membership (bargain) which gives you discount to bike shops across London and other member benefits.


This morning we were joined by Boris (and a lot of paparazzi) who decided half way that he’d rather ride my bike and so we swapped. Boris on my green and gold fixed and me on his Marin. Image courtesy of Ben Broomfield

boris johnson fixed

The mayor said the rides were a great way of introducing people to regular cycle commuting:

“They’re a terrific opportunity to give people who are tempted to cycle but maybe nervous of London’s roads, the opportunity to build their confidence by coming to one of several locations where they will be escorted on a commuter route into town by the wonderful marshals of the London Cycling Campaign.”

Cycle Fridays will continue for the next four Friday mornings meeting at 7:30 am onwards at the main park entrance for an 8 am start. Please come down and support us. Mines a cappuccino, one sugar and I’m rather partial to a morning chocolate croissant if you want to be extra kind.