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Compiled by Gemma Ball GDR Creative Intelligence
Cyclist chic (4 & 5)
Fashion retailer Topshop in London has embraced the city’s
revived interest in cycling by teaming up with Cyclodelic –
a fashion brand aimed at female cyclists – to create a new
accessories range. The collection includes bags, caps and ankle
cuffs in striking hues, encouraging wearers to enjoy the
sport without neglecting their personal style. The launch was
celebrated with a fancy dress bike ride around London.
Participants were charged £5 to enter and the best-dressed
cyclists – as judged by Cyclodelic – won items from the new
collection. Garments are priced between £10–£140 ($15–$213).
Source: http://www.fitsugar.com
Design: Amy Fleuriot (www.cyclodelic.co.uk)

Topshop Bicycle Window


We found this picture on the Fixed Gear London blog and had to cycle down to see it for ourselves. Whilst we’d like to give TopShop the big thumbs up for promoting bicycles as a cool way to be seen getting around town, we have one BIG problem with TopShop’s window display – where are the bicycles for the girls!?

Pret a Rouler

Bicycle shop Velorution is presenting Pret a Rouler at The Village Underground, Shoreditch, London. A multi sensory design experience, rather than a fashion catwalk in its traditional sense; models will naturally be on bikes. Cyclodelic will be debuting its first collection of innovative accessories for the fashion conscious commuter who needs style and practicality, along side some of Londons most exciting brands including Vexed, Junky Styling and Guy Hills. For more information visit: www.velorution.biz /pret