There’s no “i” in team…

What would have happened if Harry hadn’t made the train that morning? It was a sliding doors moment and who knows!?…. But, he made it and within seconds, it was the start of I Bike Cambridge Weekend for Team Cyclodelic! We were off on the train from London Liverpool Street to Cambridge and almost a full team; hair stylists, make-up artists, sound engineer and assistants.

The rest of the team, stylist, photographer and of course the director Amy Fleuriot were already there unpacking the tarps, mannequins, goody bags, bunting and bags of gorgeous clothes from the various Esthetica and cyclewear designers. It really was a case of sisters doing it for themselves (don’t even ask about Amy, Andrea, Sophie’s trip up there in the white hire van!) as we got ready for the much anticipated fashion show.

Saturday was exciting and a really big learning curve for all as we battled on in 39 degree heat. By Sunday the temperature had cooled down and we managed to iron out the creases to get the shows running like clock work.

With the stage set, music queued, pedal powered bicycles fully charged, goody bags at every seat and our 15 gorgeous models out of hair, make up and into wardrobe we were ready for a final countdown call on mic. We then successfully rolled out 4 shows throughout the day, all on time.

Starting many months back with Amy working on bike design workshops with three local colleges, today we would showcase all the hard work that had been done. Despite the obstacles over the two days it was such a success!

I Bike Cambridge

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We’ve created a new blog page dedicated to the I Bike Cambridge event.  Click and find it here.  It is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for any news about the Big Weekend on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of July.