Yoga for Cyclists: Back to work & back in the saddle by Stretching the City

Although a lengthy ride and blast of fresh air can be just what we need at this time of year, there’s no denying that getting back on the bike after a few weeks of festive fun can be something of a struggle. Thankfully, our guest blogger and yoga teacher, Sally Lovett from Stretching the City is here to share some yoga tips and poses for pain-free pedalling.
1. Standing forward bend
This pose lengthen out the hamstrings and gently stretches out the lower back, which can get compressed from many miles hunched over the handlebars.
Stand with your feet hip-width apart and with bent knees gently fold over, hinging at the hips. Let your head drop completely, even giving it a gently shake from side to side to release your neck. Let your arms drop and fingertips rest on the floor, or alternatively grab hold of alternate elbows. Take 5 deep breaths, letting the weight of the head draw the upper body closer to the floor with every exhale. If it’s comfortable to do so on your lower back, start to lengthen the backs of the legs, raising the hips up to the ceiling. For an extra release in the lower back, sway gently from side to side with arms outstretched. Roll up super slowly, restacking the spine as you go and come to stand at the front of your mat in ‘mountain pose’.
woman doing stretch exercises
2. Lizard lunge 
Begin by practicing a few standard ‘runners’ lunges before graduating on to lizard lunge to really increase the flexibility and mobility of the hips. A great all-rounder for cyclist’s tight hips, lizard pose stretches the hip flexors, inner thigh and quadriceps.
Come into a lunge with your right leg forward and bent at 90 degrees so that the right knee is tracking over the ankle. Wiggle your right foot to the right and bring both hands on the inside of your right foot. Take an inhale and as you exhale, bend your elbows slightly and start to lower your shoulders – keeping both shoulders in line with oneanother. If it’s available to you, lower on to your elbows and rest your forearms on the floor. Alternatively, stay up on your hands. Hold for 5 breaths and repeat other side.
3. Cobra
Sustaining the cycling posture of hunching forward over handlebars tightens and compresses the muscles in the back. Maintain flexibility in the spine and open up the chest with this easy back bend.
Lying face down bring your hands underneath your shoulders, so that arms are bent. Lowering your shoulders away from ears and elbows hugging into the ribs, press your hands into the floor and raise your upper body up on an inhale. Slide the shoulders down towards the waist and breathe expansively for 5 breaths using the full capacity of the lungs.
 Sally teaches drop-in vinyasa flow and 6 week beginners yoga courses in Angel on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The next beginners yoga course starts on 14th and 16th January 2012 and has places still available. Visit  for more details.

Christmas Wednesdays Tonight from 5pm until 9pm

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Jimbob Art Grand Opening Today!


This Saturday, the newest designer to join Columbia Road’s selection of independent retailers will open its doors for a Christmas treat! To celebrate the new opening, Jimbob Art will be brewing up some hot spicy cider on the stove all day as well as giving the first 10 people through the door a limited edition print and the first 20 purchases an additional free print!

Jimbob Art, created by James Ward, brings the world of animals onto plates and mugs. His hand- drawn ceramics range has a woodland setting while the creatures have urban sensibilities and a love for cakes, biscuits, and cheese. From the Sandwich Defender to the Ghetto Badger, each animal has a personal quirk guaranteed to make any mealtime even more enjoyable.

Inspired by illustrators from John Tenniel and Alan Lee to Street Artists like Blu, James Ward graduated from Westminster University with a degree in Illustration. James always has had a passion drawing animals, but was inspired after a trip to Stockholm, Sweden to put his creations on ceramic plates and mugs.

We are excited for James and his grand opening! Come down to Columbia Road Saturday 1 December to enjoy a delectable minced pie while perusing and purchasing Christmas gifts this holiday season. With your support, you will be helping the talented local designers of Columbia Road. If this Saturday does not fit into your bustling and busy Christmas schedule, both shops will be open for Christmas Wednesdays and the Flower Market each Sunday on Columbia Road.We will be opening our doors at 2pm to show some of our new Christmas gifts this season!

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London to Windsor Charity Bike Ride

Come and see us at the finish line of the London to Windsor Charity Bike Ride this Sunday, 2nd September 2012 in aid of the Guide Dogs charity.

There will be refreshment stops at regular intervals and Bike Events provide full back-up, including route-signing, marshals, medics, mechanics and support vehicles.  At the finish you’ll find entertainment, food stalls, a beer tent, music, sports massage and a circus big top!

Riders can choose between a 37 mile on-road route from Richmond Green to Alexandra Gardens in Windsor or an alternative 29 mile route that’s perfect for families, both follow leafy lanes through the pretty villages of the Thames Valley.

By taking part in the London to Windsor cycle ride, riders can help Guide Dogs to create more amazing guide dog partnerships. The cost of a guide dog from birth to retirement is around £50,000 – the funds participants raise will go towards supporting this cost. The world can be a confusing and dangerous place to someone who is blind or partially sighted. It’s often easier to stay indoors than risk the busy streets and potential hazards outside. Research shows that around 180,000 visually impaired people never leave home alone. Guide Dogs wants a world in which blind and partially sighted people have the same freedom of movement as everyone else.

Come and visit us for great on the day offers on our full range of fun and functional cycling clothing and accessories.

You can enter online at the website with discounts for teams of 6 or more and students or register on the day.

Cycle Chic’s ‘Hot in a Helmet’

Lady cyclists, are you concerned about your safety on the streets but tired of that less-than-fashionable piece of plastic you wear on your head to protect yourself? Cycle chic is on a mission this summer to rid the helmet of its ugly and geeky stereotype and we want to help! The women at cycle chic are holding a campaign to find the trendiest helmets out there and share those styles with cyclists everywhere. Submit a photo of yourself in your trendy helmet to or tweet them a picture @cyclechic….and don’t forget to take a look at our selection of Sawako Furuno’s eternally stylish helmets at our website. 

Countries display kit from local designers for Olympics

Throughout the Olympics, spectators and viewers have had the opportunity to see countries from all over the world display Olympic fashions and uniforms made by local designers. While some countries chose a more subdued and formal look, other countries like Jamaica and Russia opted for bright colours and patterns, allowing them to standout from the rest. Team GB, adorning designs from Stella McCartney, performs in uniforms featuring patterns of a modernized union flag.

At the opening ceremonies team GB sported white track suits with gold detail to give the costumes a little extra flare.

US athletes made their Olympic debut in Ralph Lauren ties, sweaters, and blazers, channelling a more preppy look. US cyclists competed in uniforms of red, white, and blue, highlighting the stars and stripes of the American flag.

While many countries chose a more formal look, we enjoyed many of the creative and colourful choices of other Olympic teams. Some of our favourites were the uniforms of Jamaica, featuring bright patterns of green and yellow, and the Czech Republic’s unique use of umbrellas as a fashion accessory.

Athletes from around the world are looking great on and off the competition field in a year that has been coined the most stylish Olympics yet! Make sure to tune in to see the world’s best athletes set records and achieve greatness!

Women’s Olympic Road Race

Spectators at Box Hill, south of London, were in high spirits on Sunday despite the continuous thunder and intermittent downpours. Bike enthusiasts from all over the world gathered to watch the 140 km women’s Olympic road race.

Filled with numerous attacks and counter-attacks the tension and excitement from the crowd fueled the riders to push ever harder. Especially notable was Pooley’s climbing efforts on the steep inclines of the Box Hill circuit. Punctures and the odd encounter with roadside ditches added to the already high tensions as riders battled to regain their positions in the race sometimes adopting unorthodox methods, drafting the support cars to limit their air resistance, praying judges would turn a blind eye.

The Dutch cyclist Marianna Vos and British sprinter Lizzie Amitstead took the lead around 45 km before the finish line closely pursued by Russian Olga Zabelinskaya. The trio showed great team work keeping a steady 45 second lead from the chasing Americans and Italians. Vos finally took home gold after an impressive sprint in the last 200m. Armitstead was close behind but unfortunately couldn’t compete with Vos’ powerful sprint, coming in at second place to win the silver medal.

Cyclodelic would like to congratulate Lizzie on bringing home Great Britain’s first medal of the London 2012 Olympics and wish everyone a continued happy Olympic Games!

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How to Watch Olympic Road Cycling for Free

Looking for a way to watch road cycling at the Olympics but didn’t get hold of any tickets? Luckily, several places around London are offering ways for fans to cheer on their favourite cyclists free of charge.

The Surrey Hills Road Race Festival at the Denbies Wine Estate will attract thousands to watch and support the competitors, featuring  BBC screens and a live view of the cyclists as they loop around the course to Box Hill. The free festival will also hold an expo of bikes and accessories from some of the biggest names in cycling, as well as food, music, and entertainment for the whole family.

Kingston upon Thames is planning on hosting thousands of spectators as the town centre is situated close to the finish line of the women’s cycling event on the 29th of July. Catch a glimpse of some of the world’s premiere athletes while also enjoying Kingston’s vibrant shops and restaurants.


Putney, through which cyclists will pass four times during their races on Saturday and Sunday, is expected to be another popular viewing point for non-ticket holders. Similar to Kingston, Putney and its residents have been working together to make these events enjoyable for the whole family. There will be barbecues, music, a large market, and children’s activities.

However you choose to watch, be sure to catch the world’s best cyclists as they compete for gold. The men’s road race begins at 10:00 on Saturday the 28th and the women’s road race at 12:00 on Sunday the 29th. The women’s individual time trial starts at 12:30 on the 1st of August and the men’s time trial at 14:25 on the same day.